Collaboration with ACSI

ACSI could be the ideal partner for your company. Just think of the product reinforcement in a joint promotion, placing of banners or advertising in one or more of our newsletters or in our camp site guides. Fill out the form for an opportunity to exchange ideas on the many possibilities.

Who we are

ACSI is Europe’s leading camp site specialist for a very good reason. We make it our aim to provide campers with the best possible information about camp sites, camping, camping holidays and holidays in general.

Many people know ACSI for its familiar green camp site guides. In addition to this we offer various DVDs and operate several European websites crammed full with camp site information. The largest and best-known website is, the leading European camp site search engine with more than 9900 camp sites throughout Europe.

With 55 years of experience in the field of camping and holidays, ACSI maintains close contact with camp sites and camp site owners. Thanks to the ACSI camp site guides and the CampingCard ACSI discount card for the low season, camp sites can benefit from a higher occupancy rate the whole year round, and not just in high season.

ACSI publishes the following camp site guides: In Dutch: Europe, Benelux, France and Southern Europe, and in German; Europe and Germany.

Guidelines for collaboration

Your request will need to contain the following details:

  • Name and objectives of your organisation, product or service.
  • Background information on the activities and the organisation.
  • An concise description of the project / the campaign (where appropriate stating for which countries it applies)
  • The scope expected / media value.
  • What you expect from ACSI

You can send your joint promotion requests to:

ACSI Publishing BV
Marketing & Sales
Postbus 34
6670 AA Zetten, The Netherlands
+31 (0)488-452055

Or fill out the form below.

Your application will be dealt with within one week. If the application does not satisfy the required conditions, it will not be considered*

Thank you for your interest in ACSI!

* A joint promotion request will not be considered in cases of

  • Collaboration where a unilateral discount is to be provided without evidence of any reciprocal media value and/or financial remuneration.
  • Activities of a religious or political nature
  • Fundraising activities, benefit campaigns, etc.