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All campsites/camping grounds which are featured in the ACSI campsite guides are visited annually by one of our inspectors. They decide whether the campsite/camping ground qualifies for inclusion. If you would like to be considered for inclusion in the ACSI campsite guides you can fill out this request form. You will receive a reply as soon as possible after submitting the form advising you whether you qualify for a visit by an ACSI inspector with regard to inclusion in the campsite guides.

If your campsite/camping ground has fewer than 50 touring pitches and maximum 30 rental accommodation units (including the total permanent pitches), you are eligible for inclusion in the ACSI Klein & Fijn Kamperen guide. If your campsite/camping ground has more than 50 touring pitches your campsite is eligible for inclusion in the other campsite guide(s).

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    This is the number of pitches that are intended for mobile homes/seasonal pitches, in other words pitches that are not available as touring pitches. These pitches are not available for touring campers on your campsite.

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    Please fill in here the number of rental accommodation units (mobile homes, chalets, bungalow tents, etc.) that are available for tourist rental.

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    Yes, it is free of charge. There are options for additional advertising, but it is not compulsory. Even without advertising, your campsite will be listed for free on the website, in our apps and in the campsite guides.

    ACSI brings campsites and campers together. In 2023, a total of 876,554 camping guides and apps were sold to campers across Europe. We expect a 21% increase in 2025. Additionally, our websites and apps were visited more than 30 million times in 2023. We anticipate a 19% increase by 2025. This way, we bring your campsite to the attention of many European campers at no cost to you.

    You can expect a visit from the inspector from May to September. The inspector will make an appointment with you in advance.

    During the visit, the inspector walks around the campsite, using a checklist to go through and assess all the amenities and facilities available at your campsite. After the inspection, the inspector will review the details with you. Should you be interested in advertising, the inspector can discuss the various options. Advertising is always on a voluntary basis.

    Our editorial team assesses all requests. They will contact you as to whether your campsite will actually be visited by an inspector. This inspector decides on the spot whether a campsite will actually be included in our media.

    ACSI includes campsites with camping pitches in the guides. If your campsite only has motorhome pitches, we refer you to our partner, Facile. See the website

    If your campsite only has hire accommodation, an inspector will only visit your campsite when you participate in ACSI Booking. Your campsite will then be bookable via our website. More information about ACSI Booking: If you are interested in ACSI Booking, please contact

    Our inspectors visit the campsites annually from May to September. They will contact you about the visit in advance. Our editorial team will inform you before April 1 whether your campsite will be visited in the upcoming inspection season.

    Our 350 inspectors visit more than 10,000 campsites in Europe each year. These annual inspections require a lot of advance preparation. To ensure that all campsites can be visited, we need to know this before April 1 to ensure the planning runs smoothly. If we cannot include your campsite in our planning, it cannot be visited during the current inspection season. Your visit request will be included in the following season. We only publish campsites in our media that have been visited by an inspector. We vouch for the quality of our data, which is why we only publish campsites that have been inspected.

    Yes, that’s possible. If you want to be visible online quickly, you can participate in Booking. Discover how here:

    Annual inspections ensure the quality of the campsites remains high and that campers can trust the information on our website, in our apps, and in our guides. We also consider personal contact important.

    ACSI offers various promotional options, both online and in our campsite guides. This enables us to draw even more attention to your campsite among European campers. Our inspector can tell you all about the options during their visit. Should you would like more information before then, please contact our Sales department via


    For more information about requesting a campsite inspection and the benefits of being an ACSI campsite, you can contact us via