ACSI Club ID is a Camping Carnet. This means that for campers it will be an alternative identity card that is accepted at almost 8,100 European campsites.

ACSI introduced the Camping Carnet, ACSI Club ID, in October 2011. It has already been widely circulated among camping enthusiasts in Europe. Everyone can apply for the card for only €5.95. At the moment campers from Austria, Belgium, Denmark, Germany, Finland, France, Ireland, Italy, the Netherlands, Norway, Spain, Switzerland and  the United Kingdom – with these nationalities – can apply for the Camping Carnet.

Here are some of the benefits you will enjoy as a campsite owner if you accept ACSI Club ID:

  • Every ACSI Club ID owner has liability Insurance, including their travelling companions (up to 11 people). Should any part of your campsite be damaged by these campers, you will know that they are insured through ACSI Club ID.
  • Campsites that accept ACSI Club ID are marked with an icon on the website. Website users can select only camp sites that accept ACSI Club ID. This means you will be found more easily by the many visitors of our website.

Attention: ACSI Club ID is not a discount card like the CampingCard ACSI.To avoid confusion, the side of this card clearly states that the CampingCard ACSI discount cannot be obtained with the ACSI Club ID.

Explanation ACSI Club ID

The ACSI Club ID holder only has liability Insurance if all details on his/her ACSI Club ID match the details on the passport / ID card. It is always advisable to check that the details and signature shown on the ACSI Club ID match those on the passport.
Take note: In exceptional circumstances it may happen that certain details have been abbreviated due to the maximum number of characters on the Camping Carnet.

Consumers can find more information here.