No more crossing the campsite with a toilet roll

ANDELST – Everyone knows the image of a camper walking over the campsite with a roll of toilet paper. But nowadays it’s rare for campsites not to have any toilet paper in their toilet facilities. 75% of the campsites inspected by campsite specialist ACSI provide paper, according to the annual inspection by 330 ACSI inspection teams.

Through its websites ACSI asked thousands of European campers how they handle the walk to the toilet when there is no paper available. French campers are the least embarrassed by the toilet roll under their arm, according to the International ACSI Camping Survey 2019. They are happy to wave to their neighbours with the roll in their hand. British campers prefer to hide a piece of toilet paper in their pockets. Dutch, German, Spanish and Italian campers don’t mind walking across the campsite with a toilet roll, but they don’t take any detours on their way to the toilet facilities.

Dirty toilets biggest cause of irritation

Campers of all nationalities are unanimous when it comes to their greatest irritation on the campsite; dirty toilets or showers are clearly the biggest complaint for everyone. Of all the campers surveyed, German campers (61%) were the most irritated. They were closely followed by Dutch (53%), Spanish (49%), French (45%), Italian (42%) and British (41%) campsite guests.

Most irritating job

However, there are also jobs on the campsite itself that campers find irritating. Number one for most nationalities is cleaning the (chemical) toilet. Italians have a different opinion however, they dislike preparing their camping gear for travel (35%). Doing the groceries during the holidays? Of all the nationalities, the French find that the most annoying job.

Own toilet is best toilet

The majority of the respondents indicated that they don’t miss anything when they are on a camping holiday. Spaniards and Italians most often miss their own toilet (25% and 18%). Spaniards would also rather like to bring their own bed. Of all nationalities, British campers miss their families the most when they are away from home.

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