Survey: Camping and holiday plans 2020

The corona crisis has a major impact on the camping industry. ACSI conducted a survey among 10.208 European campers in order to gain more insight into the impact on their camping plans for 2020.

The survey was conducted via ACSI’s websites ( and, newsletters and social media channels. Campers from all over Europe could participate between 10 April and 1 May. The survey shows, among other things, that camping in one’s own country has become more popular since the start of the corona crisis. For campers who have cancelled their holiday because of the coronavirus, the majority indicates that they still want to go on holiday this year.

Curious about all the figures and results of the survey? These can be downloaded below as infographic.

Survey results all countries combined (pdf)

Survey results UK & Ireland (pdf)

Survey results France (pdf)

Survey results Germany (pdf)

Survey results Netherlands (pdf)