When you join an ACSI Camping Tours holiday, you will have the best of both worlds. You will be touring with your own caravan, motorhome or just your car, but at the same time you will be enjoying the benefits of a guided tour. That way you will have variety and adventure in one holiday, and you will experience the ambiance of a group trip.

During your trip with ACSI Camping Tours, Europe’s number one campsite specialist, you are sure to have the time of your life. In 2019, once again, the tours have beautiful destinations that are definitely worth a visit. There are two different kinds of tours for you to choose from: the Camping tour - Plus or the Camping tour - Themed. With Camping tour - Plus you can be sure that you will visit the most beautiful spots in Europe, places that are a must-see for everyone. There are also a number of excursions in the programme to unique and surprising locations, but you will also be visiting the real classic highlights. On average, these trips take between three and four weeks.

A Camping tour - Themed is shorter. These tours are organised around a certain theme or event. The duration of the trip depends on the theme or event. For example, a tour could be all about French wines, taking you to the refined wine regions of France.

Whichever tour you choose, you can be sure that you won’t be rushed. You will have plenty of time for fun excursions and socialising with the other members of the group. ACSI Camping Tours will make a special route book. This book is full of tips and sights for the trip, so you will miss nothing. With this route book you can also drive from one campsite to the other at your own speed and enjoy all the sights along the way.

A professional and experienced tour guide couple will accompany you on each camping tour. They will make your camping holiday as pleasant as possible. Apart from supporting you on route, they also know everything about the historic and cultural background of the region. They will also ensure an amicable and pleasant atmosphere during the tours.

Travel itineraries of the various tours will be published online beforehand. You will also be able to read everything about the tour guide couple that will accompany you and what is and what isn’t included in the tour. That way, you can easily choose which holiday is best for you! You can also keep an eye on the website for the new tours with will be posted online throughout 2019.

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