Survey holiday plans 2024

Survey holiday plans 2024

Are you also curious about where European campers want to go on holiday in 2024? ACSI looked into the and can now present you with the results.

For this survey, we asked more than 17,000 European campers about their plans. We approached them through ACSI’s European websites and newsletters. Campers could take part between 6 February to 7 March. All figures and results of the survey can be downloaded as infographic below.

Holiday plans: increase in number of camping days

Campers who usually go with children plan to camp an average of four times, spread over 40 days. Those who usually go without children expect to camp an average of five times, spread over 68 days. This indicates an increasing trend in the number of camping days compared to previous years. Popular destinations include France, Germany and the Netherlands, with a notable rise in the popularity of Italy and other southern European countries, especially among families with children. This research points to robust growth in camping activities among European campers for 2024.

All figures and results of the research can be downloaded below per country as an infographic.