Practical information for campsites

ACSI Campsite Portal

Each ACSI campsite has an account for the ACSI Campsite Portal. This digital environment offers many services:

Arranging a promotion:

  • Examining and confirming the promotion proposal digitally
  • Altering the promotion proposal (up to the deadline)

Managing promotional materials:

  • This is where you can look at, alter and upload your advertisement, photos and other materials about your campsite

CPC Panel:

  • If you have arranged for an internet link, the CPC Panel provides insight into the clicks purchased

Image bank

The ACSI image bank contains image materials that you can use on your website or in other promotional statements.


The supply of all kinds of materials (advertisements, photos, videos, URLs, etc.) goes through the ACSI Campsite Portal.


The terms and conditions linked to arranging a promotion through ACSI can be found ACSI Campsite Portal.

  • General conditons
  • Product conditions

Legal notice

  • Register Entry:
    Entry in commercial register Kamer van Koophandel, Arnhem
    KvK number: 10142919
  • Tax number:
  • Value added tax ID: