The ACSI inspectors will visit 10,000 campsites this summer

After two extraordinary years with fewer campsite inspections than expected, campsite specialist ACSI is back to its normal levels this year. Finally, it is again possible to have personal contact with the inspectors, give live training and of course visit the campsites. Between 1 May and 1 September 2022, over 300 ACSI inspectors will be back on the road again to inspect over 10,000 campsites in Europe.

The importance of personal contact

In April 2022, all 300 inspectors were once again welcomed at ACSI’s head office to kick off the inspection season. During these training days, the inspectors are given updates about inspections and ACSI products.

Ramon van Reine, CEO of ACSI, places great importance on these joint live meetings: ‘At ACSI, the annual meetings at our head office are given considerable attention. First, it is important to train our inspectors each year and prepare them well before they go out on the road. Furthermore, the personal contact between our staff and the inspectors is valuable. The meetings are also annual reunions. Many friendships arise between the inspectors,’ says Van Reine. ‘It was soon apparent how badly the inspectors missed their campsites. They were keen to get travelling again.’

Annual inspection makes the difference

The training days are the starting point of the inspections. ACSI places great importance on the annual inspections and the good contact with the campsite owners. According to Ramon van Reine, it is inconceivable to publish reliable campsite information without having seen the campsites.

‘The annual visits to over 10,000 campsites across Europe form the basis of everything ACSI publishes. ACSI inspectors assess the situation at the location, give feedback to the campsite owners and conduct questionnaires among campsite visitors. That provides an up to date and correct picture of what a campsite has to offer and what campers can expect,’ explains Van Reine.

ACSI is the only European camping organisation that visits all campsites annually. This is appreciated by both campsite owners as well as campers. It is in both parties’ interests that there is a good match. As a camper, you do not want to run the risk of arriving at a campsite that does not meet your expectations. The inspections guarantee satisfied guests and great holidays.

Increased bookings with ACSI and

During the inspectors’ visits this summer, they will collect all the information for the ACSI campsite guides, apps and websites for 2023. And that promises to be a successful year.

Ramon van Reine foresees golden years ahead for the camping branch. ‘For several years, we have seen a growth in the number of camping holidays in Europe. Moreover, increasing numbers of people are buying caravans and the number of motor homes is undergoing explosive growth. The corona pandemic further reinforced that development. People are choosing en mass for holidays with their own car or motor home and that means that traditional camping is back.’

For that reason, it is important for campsites to be visible because campers have many options to choose from. Since May 2021, ACSI and have been working together in the area of bookings. Each year, ACSI’s sites and corresponding apps and reach over 40 million campers from across Europe and beyond. Campsites affiliated to the ACSI’s booking platform and benefit from this large reach and can be booked easily by campers.

Stand out with ACSI Camping Media

Campsite owners also have the option to advertise on ACSI Camping Media’s fast growing online and offline channels.

Campsites stand out with an advert in the ACSI campsite guides, get a better position on and can take part in CampingCard ACSI. With the discount card, campers can benefit from a reduced rate in the low season. And ACSI offers campsites even more advertising options to promote their campsites as best as possible. During their visit, ACSI inspectors inform campsite owners about all the benefits of a collaboration.

ACSI Awards for the best campsites

Besides the annual inspections and all the advertising options, ACSI also puts campsites in the spotlight in another way. This year, ACSI presented the ACSI Awards for the first time. From 20 December 2021 to 20 March 2022, everyone in Europe could vote for their favourite campsite.

‘For years we have been looking for a way to acknowledge and reward the best performing campsites in Europe. We have succeeded in that by creating the ACSI Awards. The winners are determined by European campers, so it is a real public award. Furthermore, campers get the chance to choose an award-winning campsite with an excellent rating, ‘ says Ramon van Reine.

The ACSI Awards were such a success that we will be awarding them again in 2023. From this autumn, campers will again be able to vote for their favourite European campsites for the ACSI Awards in 2023.