Statistics internet link

The internet makes it possible for you to measure everything that happens on your website. You can keep track of where your website visitors come from and the behaviour on your website. Which buttons do they and don’t they click on? And which website actually provides you with the most visitors?

Google provides a free programme that gives you insight into your statistics: Google Analytics. By placing parameters behind the links that you purchase via third parties, such as ACSI, you can see exactly where the clicks on your website come from.

It’s a quick and free way of monitoring precisely what your online marketing budget yields. ACSI advises you to always run a statistics programme alongside your website!

Installing a parameter
In order to obtain a reliable measurement we advise you to add a special code to your URL (web address) in the ACSI Campsite Portal. Using this special code you can more accurately measure which clicks come from the link on Eurocampings. The code you need to use is as follows:

You can place the text after the normal link (in this case yourself by changing the click-through URL for your camp site in the ACSI Campsite Portal under the heading ‘ACSI > CPC Panel’. You can do this by clicking on the link: ‘Modify URL’ and by filling in the modified URL as click through URL. The web address visible on Eurocampings will not be changed. The visitor therefore will see only the address for example.

Take note: if your homepage URL differs clearly from the URL visible (for example ) you should fill in the tracking code after the full homepage URL. Check after saving the new redirect URL that the link actually refers to your homepage.

After changing the click-through URL, click the ‘Save’ button. Then the pop-up window closes. Then click the ‘Save’ button again at the bottom right.

By modifying the redirect URL in this way you will automatically create a campaign for Google Analytics ( You will find this campaign under ‘Acquisition’ and then under ‘Campaigns’. The campaign name then becomes eurocampings.

For assistance in using Google Analytics we advise you to get in contact with your system manager.

Importing language versions for the CPC link
You have the possibility of importing direct links in the Campsite Portal to the different language versions of your website. If you make use of this, someone who for example clicks on your link via the French version of Eurocampings will be taken directly to the French version of your website.

For all languages for which no language version has been imported the client will simply be taken to the general link for the camp site. So even if you don’t make use of this option ACSI will continue to supply you with clients via the direct link to your website.

How to import these language versions: 

In the Campsite Portal ( go to  ‘CPC Panel’ in the left-hand menu under the menu item ACSI. Here you can import the language versions of your website yourself. Do this by clicking on the link: ‘Modify URL’. You can fill in the URL for every available language version of your website under the ‘Language version’ heading. You do not need to fill in anything for the languages for which you have no language version.

Then click on the ‘Save’ button. Then the pop-up window closes. Then click the “Save” button again at the bottom right.

The visible web address on your camp site’s details page on Eurocampings will be the same for all language versions. The visitor for example will just see the address . But in the language versions of Eurocampings where a link to a language version has also been imported, the visitor will be taken to the correct language version after clicking on the link, for example to . 

Deleting a language version is done as follows: next to each language icon there is a recycle bin icon which can be used to delete the language version.

The language versions you have entered will be carried over to a new CPC year, unless the link to your camp site has been changed. If that is the case you will need to import the language versions again in the Control Panel in the new CPC year.

Language versions in combination with a parameter
The information below is of interest to you if you make use of monitoring by means of a parameter.

When importing the URL for a language version you need to add a parameter to this URL. For example: the basic link for your camp site is . If the URL that you wish to import for the English version, for example , you must add the parameter to this link. The link that you save will then be:

Take note: if the URL which refers to this language version differs from the visible URL (for example ), enter the monitoring code after the complete URL. Check when saving the new URL whether the link actually refers to the right page in the appropriate language. In this example the URL you enter for the English language will be as follows: