new ACSI Guides

They’re back! The new ACSI guides and apps

They’re back: fresh from the printer, as green as they have always been, and as full of great camping information, too. The ACSI Campsite Guides 2020. Are you a camper who likes to head out with your motorhome in the low season? Or perhaps you enjoy visiting small campsites with your caravan or tent in high season? ACSI has the guide or app that is right for you. If you prefer to look up campsites on your smartphone, choose one of the handy ACSI apps. These are our bestsellers for 2020.

CampingCard ACSI

Our most popular product: with CampingCard ACSI you can camp at bargain prices in low season at more than 3600 European campsites. This discount card allows you to save up to sixty percent per night. And with the handy CampingCard ACSI app, it’s easy to find a campsite that meets your needs while you’re on the move.

The ACSI Campsites Europe app

For your smartphone or tablet: this app contains extensive information about all the more than 8000 ACSI-inspected campsites in Europe. You can buy individual country packages from € 0.99.

ACSI Great Little Campsites App

Small, attractive campsites all over Europe: this app contains more than 2000 lovely small campsites in 28 countries.

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